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Thursday, 27th October 2022

The ROMANOFF FAMILY ASSOCIATION has been informed that on Friday, 21st October 2022 His Royal Highness Prince George of Prussia, and his wife Victoria, née Rebecca Bettarini, have welcomed a son, Prince Alexander of Prussia.

The Romanoff Family Association has already officially and firmly expressed its position on the illegitimate claims of Her Serene Highness Princess Maria Vladimirovna and her son, His Royal Highness George of Prussia to be members of the Russian Imperial Family and to bear the titles of Grand Duchess and Grand Duke of Russia. [cf. Annexes 1 and 2]

The Romanoff Family Association sends its best wishes to the newborn prince of Prussia who, being a descendant of the tsars of Russia by female and unequal lineage, cannot rightfully be considered a member of the Russian Imperial Family according to the Fundamental Laws of the Russian Empire and the Statutes of the Russian Imperial Family.

Princess Olga Andreevna

Prince Rostislav Rostislavovich

Annexe 1 : declaration of 1970.
Annexe 2 : declaration of 1981.

Annexe 1:
April 1970
Declaration by the princes Vsevolod, Roman and Andrew of the House of Russia.
As representatives of the three lines of the Imperial House of Russia, we wish to declare our attitude towards certain "proclamations", recently published by prince Vladimir Kirillovitch, who is known as Grand Duke and Head of the Imperial House of Russia.
1. Prince Vladimir's wife has the same status as the wives of all the other Princes of the Blood Imperial of Russia.
2. It follows that we do not recognize the right of Prince Vladimir's wife to the title of Grand Duchess.
3. It also follows that we do not recognize her daughter Maria as a Grand Duchess and that we regard the proclamation of Princess Maria Vladimirovna as future "Guardian of the Throne of Russia" and eventual "Head of the House of Russia" as an arbitrary and illegal act.


Annexe 2:
25 March 1981
The Romanoff Family Association has been informed that Her Serene Highness Princess Maria Vladimirovna, wife of His Royal Highness Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia, has given birth to a son, His Royal Highness Prince Georgiy of Prussia.

Keeping well in mind that all matters of dynastic importance can only be resolved by the great Russian people, on Russian territory, the Romanoff Family Association wishes to remind that in autumn 1976 at the time of the wedding of Her Serene Highness, the Princess Maria Vladimirovna, Their Highness the Princes Roman Petrovitch, Andrey Alexandrovitch, Dmitri Alexandrovitch, Rostislaw Alexandrovitch and Vassili Alexandrovitch issued and signed the following statement:

"We the members of the Imperial Family, born before the abdication of the Emperor Nicholas II, protest against the willful unwarranted act of Prince Vladimir Kirillovitch who gave to the husband of his daughter Maria Vladimirovna the illegal title of Grand Duke of Russia.

We also protest against the decision of Prince Vladimir Kirillovitch to declare his daughter Maria Vladimirovna the sole heiress to the throne, foreseeing the beginning of a new dynasty of Hohenzollern - Romanoff.

We consider such intentions to be an infringement on the rights of the members of the Romanoff Family, which we must protect".

The Romanoff Family Association keeping the above document in mind states that the happy event in the Royal House of Prussia does not concern the Romanoff Family Association as the newborn Prince is neither a member of the Imperial House of R ussia, nor is he a member of the Romanoff family.


Prince Vassili Alexandrovitch
President, Romanoff Family Association.

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