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Press Releases by Prince Dimitri

During my recent stay in St Petersburg I was repeatedly asked to comment upon several articles that have lately appeared in the media concerning my relative Maria Wladimirovna.

FIRSTLY: I would like to say it once more – as it has been stated so often in the past – that it is incorrect that Maria Wladimirovna be titled as Grand Duchess. The last Grand Duchess of the Imperial family was of course the sister of the martyred Tsar Nichols II, Olga Alexandrovna, who died in Canada in 1960. Today, the living members of the Imperial Family all bear the titles of Princes and Princesses.

SECONDLY: – as it has been stated so often in the past - it is misleading that MW should be titled Head of the Imperial Family, as by right and as recognized as such by all other members of the Imperial Family, it is my elder brother Nicholas Romanovich, who is the Head of our Family.

THIRDLY: I was told that Maria Wladimirovna intends to take up residence in Russia, which is not unusual as many other émigré Russian families have done so.

It is however very important to emphasize that if she decides to do so, she then does that as an individual, and certainly not to symbolize “a return of the House of Romanov”. Her entourage, who introduce themselves as representatives, advisers, lawyers or whatever other professionals, are not acting in the name of the Imperial House of Romanov. They are acting on behalf of Maria Wladimirovna as an individual – and as nothing else but that.

To terminate, I would like to refer to a meeting taken place in Paris in 1992 with the participation of all the then living senior male descendants of the House of Romanov: Without exception, and considering the great sufferings endured by the Russian people, we were all in agreement not to put forward any claims of any kind, or expect any kind of privileges.

July 2009

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It has come to my knowledge that George, son of Franz Wilhelm von Hohenzollern, Prince of Prussia, styling himself as ”The Tsarevich”, during a recent visit to Moscow, has bestowed the Imperial Russian Order of Saint Anne upon various persons.

This action was not only farcical, but it also lacks respect for the memory of a glorious Imperial Russian Order. Therefore this can only be condemned by the descendants of the Imperial Romanov Family.

April 2010

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

During the summer of last year, after a visit to Saint Petersburg, I issued a press release in which I informed the media that the entourage of my relative, Princess Maria Wladimirovna, was titling her as Grand Duchess and Head of the Imperial Family.
I did point out that both titles ware misleading as the last Grand Duchess of the Imperial family had been Olga Alexandrovna, the sister of the martyred Tsar Nicholas II, who died in Canada in 1960. Furthermore, I pointed out that the Head of the Imperial Family was my elder brother Nicholas Romanovich who not only by right but also is recognized as such by all other members of the Imperial Family.

These past days, I have learned that the same entourage of my relative, who introduce themselves as representative and advisers, are now titling her as

"Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess of Russia and de jure Empress and Autocrat of all Russias".

It seems that there are no limits to this charade that wishes to resuscitate pompous and obsolete patterns, seeking servile homage and titles, honours and orders of a non-retrievable era, risking to fall into a Russia-wide ridicule.

As a Romanov, I firmly believe that all members of my family must first of all limit themselves to be a proud historical link with a past, which no great nation can ever forfeit.

26 May 2010

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